August KitKats Update

We've stocked up on some more KitKats from Japan. We've now added 4 new flavours to our list of Japanese KitKats, which are:

Everyday Nuts & Cranberry (毎日のナッツとクランベリー味)

Nuts & Cranberry Japanese KitKats

Yuzu Matcha (ゆず抹茶味)

Yuzu Matcha KitKats

Using Japanese Flavours, this KatKat first starts with the taste of Matcha and then the citrus taste of the Yuzu comes in and has a more pleasent taste compared with the matcha KitKats.

Yuzu Matcha KitKats

Salt Lychee (塩ライチ味)

Salt Lychee KitKats

These KitKats are pretty interesting. They start off salty before you taste rose and fruit aroma.

Salt Lychee KitKats

Ocean Salt (オーシャンソルト味)

Ocean Salt Japanese KitKats

These Summer KitKats have a marine salt taste to them. They're not overpowering and it does actually work. Nestlé are also donating 10 yen from each package bought of this type of KitKat to support the activities of "Zero Waste Japan".

Havea look at these KitKats and the rest of our range here.

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