Become A Reviewer

We are looking for bloggers and video reviewers to review our products! Apply now if you have a blog or YouTube channel that is relevant to the items we sell, or if your blog is kawaii and cute! We will pick a few reviewers each month who will get a chance to review new items from our selection.

*This is currently only available to reviewers based in the UK*

 Apply now by contacting us or emailing with the following information included:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • What social media platforms you use
  • Blog URL/Channel
  • Short description of your blog or Youtube Channel

Each month we will pick a few Bloggers/Youtubers to send our new items to for review. Anyone can contact us to be a reviewer, but you have more chance of being picked if your blog/channels content is cute "kawaii" and relevant to what we do.

We expect the reviewer in-turn to create a blog or video post that showcases our products in good light. Each review we hope will include a link to our profile and it must be posted within 14 days of receiving the items we have sent out. Selected reviews will also be posted to our Instagram and Facebook.

Sadly, we can't pick everyone, so we will try our best each month to pick those who we feel have social media accounts with content relevant to our products.