Beautiful Kawaii Stationery, Monthly Box

Kawaii Stationery Bundle

Kawaii Stationery Box

Stationery Bundle Care Package Box Features Japanese Stationery & Kawaii Stationery.

Our first box also contains a Lucky the Seal pin badge :).

We curated what we believe to be some of the best stationery items to create beautiful scrapbooking/penpaling and journaling projects.

Perfect as gift for birthdays, scrapbooking start-up, penpal writing startup or anyone interested in stationery.

An assortment of 8 beautiful stationery items for scrapbooking

- 1 x Cherry Blossom Petals Stickers (94mm x 149mm)
- 1 x Sakura Gold Foil Tape (15mm x 5m)
- 1 x Cute Foil Flake Sakura java Sparrow (80 x 75mm 30 pcs stickers)
- 1 x Shiba Inu Note pad 30 pages (7cm x 11cm)
- 1 x Lucky The Seal Pin (Approx 30mm (1.18"))
- 1 x Triangle eraser (54mm x 54mm) (Random colour)
- 1 x Cute Decorative Animal Stickers (Felt paper)
- 1 x Japanese Sky With Crane Tape (15mm x 7m)

Some of our favourite items in this months collection include.

Sakura Petal Stickers

Sakura Petal Stickers

Beautiful sakura petals individual stickers for adding sakura to paper crafts.

Shiba Inu Cute Memo Notes

Shiba Inu Memo Notes

Cute little chubby shiba inu designed memo note pads.

Sakura Foil Tape

Sakura Gold Foil Washi Tape

Pretty sakura cherry blossom tape design with gold foil petals and sakura silhouettes.

Java Sparrow Stickers

Java Sparrow Stickers

Sakura and java sparrow Japanese flake stickers. Such a cute set of little sparrows with gold foil detail.

This set is sakura (cherry blossom) themed. For more information check out our sakura stationery box.

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