How to use stickers

Sometimes we get questions by customers on how to use certain products, including stickers. We're happy to help, so this should hopefully help anyone starting to use stickers for stationery crafts.

With most stickers, they will need to be peeled. We used our red flower themed stickers for this example.

Part 1

How to use stickers

First of all with any stickers, be it the mini flake stickers or sheets like these in the examples, find the side and try to peel (some stickers can be fiddly).

Part 2: Seperate

How to use stickers

Seperate the sticker so the sticky side comes through

Part 3: The seperation

How to use stickers

As can be seen in the picture above, the sheet can be seperated.

Part 4: Done

 How to use stickers

You should be able to stick the sheet down now that it has been seperated.

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