How To Use Washi Tape?

A customer reached out and asked us how to use her new washi tape, so we thought we do this little tutorial to explain how to use it.

What is washi tape?

Washi tape is a type of pretty decorative masking tape the can be used to add patterns and colours to craft projects. The term washi tape originated in Japan. It’s traditionally made of natural fibres and it can make your papercraft bujo journals, scrapbooking look fantastic. 

Choosing The Right Washi Tape

Washi Tape comes in many patterns and sizes. For this, we chose one of our tapes from the Sakura Washi Tape Collection.

Sakura Washi Tape Tutorial

The Tape

The tape we chose is really beautiful with the gold foil helping to make this look a premium tape.

Sakura Washi Tape Tutorial

Adhesive Strip

The tape starts off with about 1inch having an adhesive, then the rest of it looks like shiny tape as a customer had pointed out.

Sakura Washi Tape Tutorial

Use The Tape How You Like

As it uses a self-adhesive strip, the rest of it can be cut up or torn into how many pieces you need to create your beautiful crafts.

Sakura Washi Tape Tutorial


As can be seen in the picture, the strips have a self-adhesive which allows you to apply your washi tape when it's peeled back.

Sakura Washi Tape Tutorial

Beautiful Washi Tape Crafts

And the final outcome was beautiful using this tape. We have many other washi tapes that are viewable under our washi tape section.Sakura Washi Tape Tutorial

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