Japanese Kit Kat Parcel Review

When I received my long-awaited parcel from Lucky Seal, I was pleased to see a lot of different-flavoured KitKats inside. Since their introduction in Japan in 1973, KitKats have taken over the country with a chocolate-craze. There are currently 300 limited edition flavours available, some only available in Japan. After associating the name of the brand with the words ‘ Kitto Katsu (きっと勝つ)’ which means ‘you will surely win’, KitKats became very popular and sent to students as a lucky charm before the exams. So I was pleased to see a lot of wacky flavours to test. 


Matcha Tiramasu Kit Kat

Matcha Tiramisu flavour is not something you would find in your local Sainsbury’s. It tastes green and subtle, less of matcha and more like a delicate mouth-watering mousse.

Peach Parfait Kit Kat

Similarly, Peach Parfait tastes exactly as you would expect. Creamy and peachy, Japanese KitKats seem to be softer than the ones you get in Britain. They also have wacky colours, with Peach Parfait being pink.

Salt Lychee Kit Kat

Salt Lychee picked my curiosity. It’s not your usual flavour. I was a bit apprehensive before trying it. Covered in white chocolate, smells exactly as it is described – a bit like salt, and a bit like lychee. The mixture is odd, but it’s a perfect pick for sweet and salty flavour aficionados!

Citrus Mint Kit Kat

Citrus Mint smelled a bit like toothpaste at first, but it turned out to reveal a fantastic flavour. The citrus flavour is very pronounced, and mint was subtle, just exactly as much as it was needed to make it tasty and fresh.

Plum Sake

Ume Sake, covered in white chocolate, smelled and tasted like boozy plums! This curious flavour was achieved by mixing sake powder with chocolate. 

Passion Fruit Kit Kat

Passionfruit is one of the weirdest yet the best experiences – covered in orange chocolate, it tastes exactly like passionfruit but it’s actually chocolate!

Ocean Salt KitKat

Ocean Salt flavour looks the best – it’s got a walrus on the cover. It’s covered in white chocolate for a nice ocean look. The salty flavour isn’t very pronounced but it makes it for a nice, white chocolate snack.

Plum Ume Kit Kat

Ume flavour is bright green, smells like a fruity chapstick and it tastes truly fabulous. After biting in, plenty of flavour gets released and it’s one of my favourite KitKats.

Caffè latte

The last one – Caffe Latte looked a bit enigmatic – it was red, so I instantly assumed it would be the classic flavour we get in the UK. It’s brownish, smells and tastes like a cappuccino. Would definitely recommend it to all the coffee fiends!

Would you like to know what’s best? Each tiny KitKat has some space on the back for a message, so you can write down something lovely to your friends or your loved ones before you gift it to them! Considering that Father’s Day is approaching soon, maybe it’s not too late to purchase some KitKats?

(Fun fact, the top-selling flavour in 2010 was… soy sauce!)

Written by Dinah K

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