Lucky Japanese Snack Box 2

Our 2nd Japanese Snack Box Is Out

Our second Japanese snack box is out new with unique snacks and sweets from Japan. This time with a mix of chocolate/caramel and cool gummy sweets.

This month we have some tasty chocolate biscuit snacks, wafers and cookies, featuring.

 Doraemon Wafer Snack

Doraemon Wafer

Black Thunder Chocolate

Black Thunder Biscuits

Look Almond Chocolate

Japanese Almond Chocolates

Animal Shaped Gummys

Animal Shaped Gummy Sweets

Cute shaped animal gummies, in three flavours. Green apple, black grape and mikan (orange).

Caramel Cookies

Tasty Caramel CookiesSushi Gummy Game Sweets

Gummy Sushi Sweets

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