Unique Japanese Treat Boxes

Our Lucky Boxes have landed. 

Japanese Treats Box

Japanese Treat Box

We curate what we believe to be the most popular snacks to put in our treat boxes and we they will bring some uniqueness of Japan to a friend or your taste buds, as well as bringing some joy.

Our First Treat Box

An assortment of 9 premium Japanese snacks. 

- 1 x Neru Neru Colourful Candy Making Kit
- 1 x Puchi Potato Consomme Flavoured Crisps/Potato Chips
- 1 x Alfort Milk Chocolate Biscuits/Cookies
- 1 x Sakura (Cherry Blossom) KitKat
- 1 x Kyabetsutaro Corn Snacks
- 1 x Umaibo Corn Snack (Mentaiko Flavour)
- 1 x Umaibo Corn Snack (Cheese Flavour)
- 1 x Fettuchi Sour Black Grape Sweets
- 1 x Poiful Drink Flavour Gummies

A selection of the top snacks in this months box we enjoyed, so we hope you will do to.


Neru Neru Fun Candy

Neru Neru Japanese Candy

A fun Japanese candy which you mix together to create a swirly fun experiment, but tasty treat.

Sakura KitKats

Sakura KitKats

These Sakura KitKats are delicious and have a white chocolate and cinnamon taste.

Kyabetsutaro Corn

Kyabetsutaro Corn

 These traditional dagashi style corn snacks with bits of nori (seaweed). They're nice corn crisps/potato chip snacks.

Alfort Milk Chocolate Biscuits

Alfort Wheat Milk Chocolate Biscuits

Rich milk chocolate biscuits that taste like mini digestives. They're so moorish you'll find it hard to not to eat them so quickly.

Fettuccine Sour Gummies

Fettuccine Sour Gummies

Sour black grape candy strips that are pretty sour. In Japan the flavour is black grape (budou).

Puchi Potato Consomme

Consomme Potato Chips

Consommé flavoured crisps are a favourite in Japan and taste just like a nice consommê soup. They're our favourite of all the snacks.

For more information about our treat boxes, view more here.

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